Water Reuse & Efficient Irrigation


Treated Sewage Effluent is used in public irrigation in Dubai. Its use has enabled Dubai to be greener while saving about 45 BIG of desalinated water. The TSE network of Dubai is one of the largest in the world, making a global best practice destination.
The DSM Strategy recognizes the value of TSE as an asset for Dubai, and aims to optimize its consumption to divert excess volumes to other purposes which currently rely on desalinated water, such as district cooling. Dubai Municipality is already applying measures to reduce consumption of TSE for public irrigation, to free up volumes for other purposes. For example, a one-day-per-week switch-off program is being implemented in some communities during summer times, while new quantity standards for each type of plantation have been defined and are being applied to new communities.

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The program focuses on implementing efficiency measures in public irrigation to reduce water consumption and using the TSE made available through those measures as a substitute for desalinated water where applicable.

Key Initiatives

Promote the use of local species in landscaping practices

Enforce the use of efficient irrigation measures and technologies

Apply regulatory and technical levers to maximize the use of TSE as a replacement for desalinated water in different sectors (e.g. District Cooling)

Key Facts

100% of public spacesunder DM supervisionare today irrigatedwith TSE

TSE can be aneffective substituteof desalinated waterfor a variety ofapplications, includingirrigation, districtcooling and industrial fields