Outdoor Lighting


LED technology effectiveness is proven by a number of extensive applications worldwide. RTA and DM have also studied its application to the harsh environmental conditions of Dubai, and to the strict safety requirements of Dubai roads. LED is now used as the technology of choice for new roads in Dubai and is also being evaluated for future retrofit projects. In the meantime, RTA has implemented switch-off measures to minimize consumption of our existing, conventional lighting assets

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Adopt LED solutions for outdoor lighting in streets and other public spaces, both on new projects and through retrofits and implement further efficiency measures such as dimming and/or switch-off

Key Initiatives

Improve power consumption from street lights through the switch-off program that addresses 100% of residential streets and by replacing 75% of existing fixtures with more efficient LED lights by 2030. The switch-off program is expected to result in 30% consumption savings.

Install LED light fixtures on all new developments. For example, the new Sheikh Zayed bridge is fully fitted with LED lights saving 82% relative to the electricity consumption of previous light fixtures and reducing maintenance costs by 66%

Key Facts

Targeting 50% savings in consumption for street lighting by 2030 and replacing at least 75% of conventional lights with LED by 2030. 100% penetration of switch-off/dimming programs in residential streets.